Coach Kevin Koffron's original spoken word piece "Mental Health Matters" for the I'm Glad You Stayed Project. Coach K is a beloved Iowa City coach and teacher, as well as an IGYSP Ambassador.

Mental Health Matters
A tribute to families and lives that are slightly shattered.
Helping pick up the pieces, because everyone matters.
We're the I'm Glad You Stayed Project,
Even at your highs and even at your lows,
We're here to fully accept.. you.
Normalize checking in is the plot,
Let's keep this conversation sizzlin, burning hot.
Watching year after year suicide increase,
We need the bully screen time to decrease
Restructure our minutes,
Love more, and stop acting so mean.
Giving into the social media schemes,
Lift our heads from our screens.
Bullying another from another mother.
When we're really the same sisters and brothers.
When you don't know another person's battle,
We need empathy sitting in another's saddle
So the time is here, today, start right now,
Help someone turn that frown upside down.
Advocate for others, using our platforms.
Pain is temporary feels like a snowstorm
Check in on every student, teacher, parent and friend,
No one's story needs a casualty end
We could mourn for hours, days and years,
It's still hard to hold back the tears.
But now we celebrate the good times we had.
And make sure no one ever feels empty and sad
You're undesired body weight and mean people at school,
These are only temporary one sided views.
Bodies will change, opportunities will arrive with great news,
Because tomorrow needs you and us together,
Just keep swimming, forever and ever.
Break the stigma, we see your charisma.
Eli Ostby
Owen Skelly
Dylan Salge
Lily Ernst
David Barthel
lan Kaffenberger
And Robin Williams
These are just a few that needed to swim,
Her, him, they and them.
You're story is not over, there's more pages to come,
I promise there will be days having fun in the sun.
I miss my friend Eli so dang much,
I will never wrap my head around the why and such.
He left behind three amazing children,
He himself was epic, legendary and amazing..
I believe we need to keep building relationships with everyone we meet.
I promise to keep using my platform as a teacher and coach.
To reach as many students as possible with a positive approach
The athletes, the musicians, dancers, signers and quiet students,
I know them all by name and they'll get my attention every day.
Because every student matters. whatever it takes.
We're the I'm Glad You Stayed Project
Even at your highs and even at your lows, we're here to fully Accept,
You. for being you.
Even at your worst, you are someone's best
It's ok to not be ok today, we got your back tomorrow.
You got this,
You matter!