Mental Health is a significant topic to me and it always has been. Growing up I did not have the best childhood, unfortunately, and I was put into many different homes with many different people. I was abused and threatened for years straight by my mom. A few months ago, I lost her to suicide. I never knew how much I cared about her until I lost her. I always held such a grudge against her for abusing me that I never let myself love her. But when she died that all changed along with many other things. I knew she had struggled before with mental health, but when they told me that my mom shot herself I didn’t even know how to respond. My Aunt also shot herself 6 years ago so it was difficult. As someone who has been through a lot in my lifetime, I have been at that point as well. But I'm glad I stayed. I will never forget how hopeless I felt during those times, but now my goal is to help everyone the best I can when they feel the way I felt in those moments. I never want anyone to ever need to go through that. I am someone who many people come to when they need to talk and I even opened up a mental health club in my school. I want to help as many people as I possibly can. And that's why I would love to join the I'm Glad You Stayed project.