We have a new Lead Ambassador, Ian Probst. Ian and I will be communicating with you all through this Forum. We are planning an upcoming informational resource meeting in November with CommUnity and a December fundraiser, "Snow Angels in Speedos", which we hope to model after the ASL Ice Bucket challenge. We are also working on a training model for all Ambassadors.

Please comment below your name, your city/community, and your IGYSP Instagram handle if you have one. We are excited and grateful for your support. 
Hey everyone, as Dottie said, my name is Ian. A few quick details about me; I grew up in Iowa City and attended ISU and UofI for college. I'm currently working as a treasury management representative for Hills Bank in Coralville. I think it's amazing that so many of you have volunteered your time and energy to help spread awareness and information about mental health. I am 27 now, so when I was in high school, I remember feeling very alone and misunderstood because depression was such an unknown topic at that point. Even now, the discussion on mental health carries a stigma and a significant amount of people don't even learn about the importance of it until a tragedy hits their lives. This topic is so difficult to speak on because symptoms of various illnesses can present so differently. I want to be able to help provide families and friends with information to help them recognize and understand the people that struggle with depression or anxiety so that they can be a source of support when needed. On the victim side, I would like to make sure that everyone understands that they are not alone and that their lives are worth fighting for.

Again, thank you to all of you for doing what you can to help raise awareness about this deadly issue. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or questions, please feel free to reach out to me. One last note I want to make is this: I am a suicide survivor myself and the journey to get to where I am now has taken many years. If you or anyone you know has questions regarding understanding or needs someone who can relate, I would be happy to connect.

I look forward to working with all of you!

-Ian Probst
email: iangprobst@gmail.com
Addyson Newland
Addyson Newland/North liberty/ addyson_igysp
Megan Fields
Megan/Iowa City/meganigysp14. Nice to meet you Ian!
Sydney Cira-Debban
Sydney Cira-Debban
Cedar Rapids
Hi! I'm Greta Kraske, I'm in the Iowa City area, and my instagram is greta.igysp :) 
Anna Forbes
Anna Forbes
North Liberty
Eliana/Cedar Rapids/igysp.eliana
Grace Wang
Coralville/Iowa City
I use my main insta account to post/share for igysp - grace_ytw

Lovely to meet you Ian!
We are SO excited to welcome you. YAY
Alexis Polinder
Lexi Polinder
I am from St. Cloud, Minnesota
My Instagram for this project is Lexi.igysp, I also post about suicide prevention on my personal Lexi_polinder
Hi! My name is Alyssa Lamb. I currently living in Oklahoma City. My IGYSP Instagram is @igysp_alyssa (my personal, where I also share some suicide prevention/mental health/IGYSP info, is @alyssa.lamb07).
Regan Donovan
Regan Donovan North Liberty/Iowa City area
I use my personal/main account to spread awareness regan_donovan