“Hi i’m saige and this is the reason I became a I’m Glad You Stayed Ambassador. January 1st 2022, I lost my little brother to a heart defect. And the doctors told us he wouldn’t live very long, and I was very devastated. It hurt so much that I almost committed . Then in my first year of high school i was depressed and i thought that everyone was against me and hated going to school. Eventually my mom decided to homeschool me and i found myself again.  April 2023 I moved and had an amazing summer. I met amazing loving people and I now go to a new school and i’m loving it here. but looking at it now I’m glad I stayed. I’ve met great people and grew and grew and realized that if I committed my little brother wouldn’t be so happy. I joined because i want to show people that no matter how hard life’s gets there’s people who will help you, and  want you here and will be forever happy you stayed.”