I decided to become a IGYSP Ambassador because 3 months ago, I tried to take my life. I went to a college that i did not enjoy, with my ex girlfriend who not only emotionally abused me but physically as well. I saw her every day of my life almost 10 times a day and yet the school continued to blame and interrogate me. I ignored all my friends, sat on my bathroom floor and cried for hours. Then the opportunity to transfer schools came up and not only that, but the opportunity to withdraw early did as well. I took them both, at the speed of lightning and went back home to clear my head. I spent my entire time home sleeping, resting, and relaxing until the new semester at my new school started. Since it’s started, I’ve met people i love, i declared a major that fits my passion and a minor that brings me joy and i’ve even went on a few dates since my ex girlfriend, which i never thought I could do. I am so glad that I stayed and I want to share that with everyone else as well. It doesn’t feel like it now, but better days are coming.